Ep 1: What This Podcast is All About

Welcome to the Live and Earn Podcast!  My name is Helen Ngo. I’m a proud corporate dropout and am a former stockbroker turned CEO and Founder of an investment management firm. Over the past decade, I have worked one-on-one with over 300 clients, and through this, I began to notice something. Every woman I worked […]

Ep 2: How to Become Financially Independent

Live to work or work to live? Either way, being financially independent – and not relying on your next paycheck or your “emergency” savings – is a goal well-worth striving for. Having the financial freedom to remove money as a concern, and just go about living your life is a powerful thing. And, thankfully, it […]

Ep 3: Why Are You Working So Hard for the Money?

“I’m not willing to go broke and not enjoy my life. If we are more clear on what brings us joy and work really hard for that, you’re then making a very clear intention for why you’re working so hard for that money.” — Sydia Bell Have you stepped back and asked yourself why you’re […]