Course for Small Business Owners: Build a profitable and scalable business

Calling all freelancers and solo entrepreneurs...

How much money
will you make this month?

This quarter?

This year?

If the questions alone stresses you out...

It's time to

Get paid consistently and predictably month after month.


I've personally taken this and I have to say it's a huge eye-opener. Since taking her advice to hear, I've set - and already exceeded - my first quarterly goal (woo hoo)!
Molly Dickinson
Brand Messenger // mDash

Sneak Peek at What's Inside

Revenue Goal & Pricing Calculator

No more guessing how much you need to charge or make.

  • Set your income goals with ease and project how much you need to make each year.
  • Determine how much you need to charge to hit your revenue goals. 
  • Determine how many clients you need to get in order to make the money you want.

Everything else you need to make the money you want

  • 3 Features of a Scalable Business: learn what it takes to build a long-lasting income machine
  • Design Your Offer Guide: step-by-step tutorial on how to price, package, and pitch your services
  • Business Expense Checklist: So you don’t overlook anything that’s costing you money
  • Revenue Milestone Tracker: keep up with how much money you’re making throughout the year
  • Best Practices + Money Mindset Coaching: get your head straight because running a busy is not easy


I took Helen's workshop "Turn on Your Automatic Income Machine" and she immediately simplified some elements of my business that I was tooootally overcomplicating. I'm a new business owner and she was able to meet me where I am and help me leave the workshop empowered instead of overwhelmed. Thank you, Helen!
Lillian Shaw
Digital Marketer

Sound too painfully familiar?


You spend way too much time pitching and quoting every. single. sale.


You can't plan ahead and stick to a budget because you have a different price and payment schedule on every contract or new client.


You get anxious every time someone asks "how much will this cost?"


You discount your fees way too often because you're worried the client won't sign on if you offer your "full price."


...And you're not charging enough!

What You'll Gain


Get paid what you deserve. That what you’re charging clients aligns with the value of your services.


You know exactly how much money is coming in each month so you’re not worried about falling behind on your bills.


You have a solid process in place for how you price, package, and pitch your services. It’s the same every time.

What You'll Learn

  • Confidently pitch your services and not hesitate to tell the client how much it’s going to cost to work with you.

  • Develop a simplified pricing and packaging model that’s easy to sell and implement immediately.

  • Create a profitable client service strategy that’s easy for clients to understand and immediately want to hit “buy”

  • Scale your business by streamlining how you bring on clients and what you charge

Enrollment Options

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This course was worth the expense and the time. I'm feeling excited and refreshed for my 2021 business year.
Joy Ugi
Founder // Hella Good Marketing

Meet Helen Ngo

Your Business Finance Coach

Hey, there!

Glad you made it this far down the page.

As a proud corporate dropout turned Self-Made CEO® and Founder of an investment management firm and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a degree in mathematics and economics, I’m the finance expert you want on your team.

I show women how to build wealth and earn what they want so they can go from avoiding their numbers and settling for doing “just okay” to making “hell, yeah!” money.

I believe that money is powerful: the more of it you have, the more opportunities you can create for yourself. From being able to afford more comfortable vacations to creating jobs for others, I have personally experienced the power of earning more.

And I want you to possess this financial power and take control of it for yourself too.

And I’m on a mission to do just that. 

So, I hope you’ll join me in this course so I can show you how to scale your business and make more money.