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Ep 11: Doing Something Greater Than Myself

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“I can’t leave this earth without doing something bigger than myself.”

— Jazmin Addy

Founder and CEO of Proximity Partners, Jazmin Addy, started her business as a means to creating a better life for her children and leaving something greater for them than just the basics.

With a long-term view of building generational wealth at the forefront of her mind, Jazmin made more money in her first year of business than she earned at her corporate job, a rare feat any seasoned entrepreneur would know.

For her, starting a business meant more than just having the freedom to do whatever she wanted with her time and making just enough to pay the bills. 

She wanted more and earned it.


  • The necessary leap of faith to start a new business
  • Why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and why it’s okay to work for someone else
  • How entrepreneurs can leave a legacy for the next generation
  • Why having failure as an option may be more beneficial than trying to avoid it altogether
  • Why you have to be picky about what advice you take from others (not all is good)

Connect with Jazmin Addy:

Jazmin Addy is the Founder of Proximity Partners, a firm dedicated to helping companies find top-notch talent, advance their high-potential professionals and future leaders in the workplace and assisting candidates with establishing and living their career brand. She has over a decade of experience and has worked with well-known companies such as Wells Fargo, Daiichi Sankyo and National Beverage Company. Her specialty areas of recruiting are in Office/Administrative, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, IT, Legal and Manufacturing.

about helen ngo

Helen Ngo, CFP® is a financial empowerment coach dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs own their worth, flip their money scripts, and smash every ceiling on their way up. The Self-Made CEO®, founder, featured speaker, and host of the Live & Earn podcast has unlocked the key to financial freedom that most people get wrong.

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