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Ep 19: Why I Gave Up My Mercedes Benz Lifestyle

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“What’s more important to you now? Driving a Benz now to look a certain way or pursue the thing you love most at all costs?”

— Stefanie Jewett

Starting your own business is difficult by design; that’s why it’s not meant for everyone.  But this notion that starting your own business is difficult doesn’t deter our guest this week, Stefanie Jewett, Founder of Activvely, a social app that helps individuals find workout partners.

She went from collecting a comfortable salary at CNN, driving around town in a fancy Benz – to leaving her job to follow her passion and build her tech startup from the ground up. No Investors. No Partners. All #Grit and #WomanPower.

Hear her candid story of bootstrapping her tech startup and what it takes mentally, and socially, to make it.


  • What you have to sacrifice to start a business
  • How to be exposed and vulnerable when starting a business
  • Why it’s important to be true to yourself and confident in who you are an how it plays into success
  • The importance of community building and leaning into your strengths for success
  • Why owning a business is difficult by design

Connect with Stefanie:



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