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Ep 24: Think Outside Your Box to Find Your Next Career

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“I like to get people to think about what is possible for themselves.”

— Nicole Amos

Career Coach, Nicole Amos, started The Career Oasis when her friends and colleagues told her she should start charging for the amazing career advice and strategy she was already providing. 

A born networker, Nicole started climbing the corporate ladder by finding creative ways to “be in the room” with the people making decisions. When co-workers began to take notice, they came to her asking for advice on how to make the same happen for them. Nicole realized she had a gift for helping people identify their strengths and skills and open themselves up to new possibilities when it comes to career development.

But for her, it wasn’t enough to stay in corporate with a comfortable six-figure paycheck. She wanted to truly enjoy the work she was doing. 

She went for more and is now enjoying the payoff.


  • The relationship between time and money
  • How figuring out what you don’t want to do and thinking outside your box may be the quickest way to figure out what you do want to do and find a new career
  • How letting your career or title define you can keep you stuck
  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid of sales
  • How you can succeed by surrounding yourself with people who are trying to accomplish similar goals

Connect with Nicole:

Nicole’s Website

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