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Ep 26: Letting Go of Expectations

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“I want to make sure that my external dialogue isn’t just to please somebody else.”

— Kati Tatnall

We can easily get caught up in meeting others’ expectations that we tend to forget our own. 

And if you let it happen often enough and long enough, you end up forgetting about your goals. Your dreams. And what you make of yourself. 

We are trying so hard to serve others that we don’t take care ourselves – emotionally and physically.

I invited my college roommate, Kati Tatnall, to address the challenges of meeting internal and external expectations – reflecting on what we expected ourselves to turn out as teenagers versus what we expect ourselves today as adults. 

She’s challenged with meeting the demands of being a mom of 3, a wife, and a full-time career woman. 

It’s easy to ignore playing that fourth role in our lives well: being ourselves.


  • How our outward dialogue with others influences the quiet dialogue we have internally 
  • Carving out time to do what’s meaningful to you
  • How introverts find support vs extroverts 
  • Struggling with anxiety and not being able to address what’s waiting for you
  • How not making enough money creates burnout, even if you’re doing what you’re passionate about
  • Dealing with the guilt of being a mom vs choosing a career

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