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Ep 29: Leaving Corporate Life for a Better Future

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“I was actually more uncomfortable being comfortable. Sure, the pay is good. The coworkers are nice, but I can’t do this anymore.”

— Lorrie Thomas Ross

Wild Web Woman and CEO of Web Marketing Therapy®, Lorrie Thomas Ross, talks about leadership as an entrepreneur and growing a team.

What does “leaving the confines of corporate hell” look like? For many of us who have made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, leadership skills is the last thing on our minds in mastering – especially if you just work for yourself at the beginning. But stepping up to be a leader for yourself is top of mind when Lorrie gives advice to new entrepreneurs. Because of the leadership she demonstrates, she has grown her business into a successful, stable employer over the last 15 years. 

Lorrie shares a behind-the-curtain peek at her journey into becoming her own boss.


  • Becoming an “accidental” entrepreneur
  • The upside of being uncomfortable with being comfortable
  • What an ‘insultant’ is and why you need to watch out for them
  • How the victim mentality can hold you back in your business
  • How to develop flexibility and leadership skills as an entrepreneur
  • The values we should all keep in mind as we grow our businesses

Connect with Lorrie:

Lorrie Thomas Ross Website

Lorrie Thomas Ross Instagram

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