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Ep 30: How I Left My 9-5 to Become a Travel Blogger

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“I traded in money to have fulfillment in myself.”

— Laura Chung

Isn’t it fascinating how some people make career decisions, especially when it comes to pursuing a lifestyle that is so radically different than the one they’re currently living?

Laura Chung was living what seemed to be the high life in NYC, working her high paying private equity job. 

From the outside, she had the wealth, the family, the friends, and all the things you may traditionally tie with success. 

On the inside, that “predictable” lifestyle was breaking her down physically and mentally. Realizing that her fear of not doing what she loves most overpowered her fear of losing that stable life. So, she quit her job, sold all her belongings, and bought a one way ticket to Asia — and she never looked back since.

She now lives as a travel blogger, having complete freedom to manifest her creative energy into whatever she wants — sharing her story of pursuit to inspire others.

It may seem financially irresponsible on the surface, but we must ask ourselves:

What are we willing to pay to be truly happy?

For Laura, it’s not always about the money.

Laura shares why it was worth giving up her consistent paycheck to live the life of her dreams.


  • How to financially and mentally prepare to quit your 9-5 job and pursue a less traditional career that is more fulfilling 
  • How to become a travel blogger and make a living doing it
  • How to discover what you truly want and create a plan to pursue it

Connect with Laura:

Laura Chung Website

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