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Ep 32: Do You Need to Talk About Money Before Marriage?

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“As a woman, you never want to ever find yourself in a place where you can’t support yourself.”

— Kristine Fletcher

A wedding is one day.
A marriage is a lifetime…supposedly.
But it doesn’t always work out that way.
The U.S. divorce rate is 50% and money is one of the top 3 reasons people break up. So why don’t we talk more about money BEFORE we get married?
Kristine Fletcher, an Atlanta divorce attorney, explains what really happens when couples fail to have honest and transparent financial conversations before getting married and during marriage. It can be detrimental.


  • How to protect your assets before you get married
  • The difference between a divorce mediator versus a divorce attorney
  • When to get a prenuptial agreement
  • The difference between a pre-nup and a post-nup agreement in a marriage
  • What happens to your Will if you don’t update it after a divorce
  • What you should do if you remarry to protect yourself financially
  • What is considered as marital property
  • How to disinherit someone
  • What happens to your pets in a divorce

Connect with Kristine:

Kristine Fletcher Website

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