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Ep 33: You Can’t Do It Alone

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“When someone tells you that it’s not possible, or it’s not going to work, that should motivate you even more to go out there and prove that it can be done.”

— Anne Gill

Anne Gill is the founder of Haist Designs, her own brand of luxury handbags designed in Nashville and made in Italy. Haist is inspired by  Anne’s family — her husband, former professional ice hockey defenseman Hal Gill, and their three children Isabel, Sophie, and Talon — as much as her lifestyle as a globetrotting NHL wife and busy mom squeezing yoga classes and grocery runs in between the kids’ three different carpool schedules. 

On this episode of Live & Earn, Anne explains her mission to redefine luxury — and why she was so determined to make Haist happen when fashion industry veterans told her, even with an MBA, she didn’t stand a chance. Three years into her startup journey, Anne pauses to reflect on what she wishes she had known about creating her own business, including how to ask for help.


  • How to become comfortable delegating as an entrepreneur
  • Building a direct-to-consumer business and cutting out the middleman 
  • The meaning of modern luxury 
  • Managing international business operations and three kids’ schedules
  • Turning doubt into motivation 
  • The myth of work-life balance 
  • Designing with a business background

Connect with Anne:

Haist Designs Website

Haist Designs Instagram

Anne Gill’s Instagram

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