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Ep 35: Walking Away from Wall Street

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“We want money because of what it gives us. It’s not the dollar bill or the number in our bank account… it’s the freedom.”

— Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams had it all: the high-power finance career at Barclays, New York City apartment, black car service, and a promotion waiting for her in either London or Hong Kong. Then, she landed a $4 billion IPO — and felt no excitement. That’s when Ashley realized the dream job she had hustled for was no longer her dream. 

Following some soul searching, Ashley decided she wanted to become an entrepreneur.  After reconnecting with her now-husband Terry, who was crushing it in the fitness industry, Ashley moved back to Houston. Together, Ashley and Terry founded The League: Elite Training Facility. Today, Ashley is running three businesses, including her own firm Bird Williams Consulting, LLC. 

On this episode of Live & Earn, Ashley explains what initially motivated her to chase after a challenge on Wall Street, and why she walked away from it when she did. Ashley also reflects on the financial habits she learned from her parents, and how having her own children taught her that paying herself is just as important as investing in her businesses.


  • Why we really want money
  • How to figure out what fulfills you 
  • The importance of paying yourself as an entrepreneur 
  • How working with your partner can change your marriage 
  • Why you should focus on your core competencies and delegate the rest 
  • How to overcome your fear of debt 
  • When and how to start teaching your children about money

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Ashley Williams website

Bird Means Business Podcast

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