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Ep 39: Thriving Personally and Professionally After Divorce

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“Winning a divorce is not about what you financially gain from it. It’s about how each of you become financially independent and thrive mentally, and being a healthier human being.”

— Renée Bauer

Divorce attorney, Renée Bauer, isn’t ashamed to admit she’s been divorced twice, but that hasn’t always been the case. 

Renée’s second marriage came to an end while she was counseling clients through the very same thing — yet, she felt too embarrassed to tell anyone how well she could relate to the shame and sadness they felt about getting divorced. When Renée finally opened up about her second divorce, her law firm and digital platform became busier than ever before. Renée realized that discussing her personal story in a professional setting wasn’t inappropriate; instead, it has helped her make even more authentic connections with her clients at a time when they need it most. 

On this episode of Live & Earn, Renée challenges the myth that divorce is something to be ashamed of. She also stresses the importance of financial independence and the one conversation you can’t afford not to have before getting married.


  • Why you must talk about money with your partner before marriage 
  • The #1 source of conflict in marriages 
  • Why you should discuss a prenup – but don’t necessarily have to have one 
  • How bad finances prolong bad marriages
  • The importance of financial freedom 
  • Overcoming the shame and embarrassment of divorce

Connect with Renée:

Instagram @msreneebauer

Website https://msreneebauer.com/

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