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Ep 40: How to Ditch Wellness Trends and Create a No-BS Lifestyle

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“The sweet spot is … just finding goals that are actually meaningful to you, or just finding joy in things that you do and not looking for these magical quick fixes, because there’ll always be a new magical, quick fix.”

— Linsey Levy

Linsey Levy is a Certified Health Coach with a no-nonsense approach. Linsey believes in the power of small changes to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. Her science-backed philosophy is a stark contrast with the fad diets magazines and celebrities have pushed on us for decades, and more recently, Instagram influencers who promote obscure supplements to their vast audiences of impressionable women and girls. Linsey herself spent years searching for the “perfect” diet, until she realized it simply doesn’t exist. In this episode of Live & Earn, Linsey explains how she teaches clients to think about health holistically. She also describes the challenges of starting a business and becoming a mom during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Becoming a mom and changing careers at the same time
  • Common misconceptions about health coaching
  • How to find accurate information about health and wellness 
  • The financial pitfalls of falling into a multi-level marketing scheme (MLM)
  • Starting a business during the Covid-19 pandemic 
  • Finding a unique voice in the online health space 
  • How to develop healthy habits — and stick to them

Connect with Linsey:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/linseylevy/

Website http://www.linseylevy.com/

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