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Ep 44: Why You Don’t Need to Stick With Just One Career Your Whole Life

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“Life is to be lived, and if you’re … spending all your days doing something that you aren’t enjoying and is making you not very well, then you should do something about it.”

— Dr. Juliet McGrattan

After 22 years practicing medicine, Dr. Juliet McGrattan hung up her white coat to pursue two of her passions full-time. Striking out on her own, Juliet faced a steep learning curve. When she became a running coach, she had to go out and find her own clients — unlike having patients come to her. 

Newly self-employed, Juliet had to learn how to manage inconsistent income rather than being able to rely upon her regular paycheck from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. 

Since starting her entrepreneurial journey, Juliet has published two books — Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health (2017) and Run Well: Essential Health Questions and Answers for Runners (2021). 

In this episode of Live & Earn, Juliet explains what she loved about being a doctor and why, after more than two decades in the profession, she took the leap from medicine to a more creative career. 

Juliet also shares how she applies the skills she learned as a physician in her work today as a full-time writer and coach.


  • How to make the leap from your 9-5 job to full-time business owner. 
  • How to turn a hobby and side hustle into a full-time business 
  • What it really means to ‘follow your passion’
  • How to overcome fear of failure and and reap the rewards of taking risks
  • Why pursue a non-linear career path
  • The importance of building a financial safety net before a major career or life change
  • Why you don’t need to stick with just one career in your life

Connect with Juliet:

Website: https://drjulietmcgrattan.com

Twitter: @DrJulietMcG

Insta: @DrJulietMcGrattan 

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-juliet-mcgrattan-540837bb/


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