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Ep 46: What It Takes to Be an Overnight Success

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“I think overnight success takes like 10 years for everybody. And we don’t get to see the 10 years; we only see the lead-up … because we just found out about them.”

— Porsha Thomas

In her words, brand strategist Porsha Thomas has been dancing in and out of the corporate world for years. She knew from a young age that she wanted to create and lead but didn’t know how to make that her full-time job — so she went to work for other people and began freelancing on the side. Porsha has since founded her own creative agency, GOWRKGRLS, a dream 10 years in the making. 

On this episode of Live & Earn, Porsha walks us through the pivots she made along the way to becoming an entrepreneur, building her business and brand into something bigger each time. Porsha also tells us the best advice she’s received and shares her own wisdom on everything from branding to meditating. 


  • Perfecting the pivot and transforming side hustles into full-time jobs 
  • Translating a bright idea into a sound business model 
  • The unexpected aspects of rebranding
  • What it looks like to be a solopreneur 
  • The temptation of trying to be ‘affordable’ to everyone — and why raising your rates shouldn’t be scary
  • How to start meditating to ground yourself as a business owner
  • How to spend money and not feel guilty about it

Connect with Porsha:

Website: https://www.gowrkgrls.io/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gowrkgrls/

Book a marketing strategy session with Porsha: https://www.gowrkgrls.io/strategy-sessions

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