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Ep 48: You Can’t Be CEO with An Employee Mindset

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“Once you grow your business, it is a high like no other.”

— Joy Ugi

Joy Ugi always had big dreams for herself. After so many years in marketing, she’d worked her way up the corporate ladder. Someday, she’d be CMO. Starting her own business never even crossed her mind, hesitating to start her own business as a single woman. 

Finally, as so many of us have, Joy reached a point where she simply couldn’t abide the corporate world or the culture that came with it any longer. Because that was the only work environment she’d ever known, she couldn’t help but send some applications out to established companies, but Joy did something else, too. 

She started reconnecting with old contacts, picked up some freelance work, and something just clicked. Her corporate days officially behind her, in 2017 Joy launched her own digital marketing agency: Hella Good Marketing. 
On this episode of Live and Earn, Joy explains the circumstances that led to her leap of faith into the world of startups and freelancers. She also shares the different aspects of running a business that surprised and challenged her most, as well as what makes her company’s marketing services hella good.


  • Transitioning from the employee mindset to the CEO mindset
  • Why quitting without a safety net can drive more success than if you had a plan in place
  • Fighting through discomfort to develop hidden or unexplored strengths in yourself
  • Why it’s hard to return to the corporate world after running an independent business 
  • How an entrepreneur’s communication style translates to her business’s bottom line
  • Why working your ass off and taking on every client might make money, but won’t make your business successful long-term 
  • What marketing is and isn’t, and why every new business needs a marketing expert

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