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Ep 49: Your Backup Plan Might Be Better

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Today might not be the best day, but there’s something really, really great on the other end of this, and it just hasn’t revealed itself yet. But it’s totally there —  it’s there for my taking and when I get to it, I’ll get to it.”

— Jamie Shank

If anyone could survive the pandemic job market, you’d think it would be a public health expert. 

And you’d be right — but you might be surprised by the survival guide Jamie Shank created for her own career. Jamie uprooted her life in Kansas to put down new roots in Atlanta, Georgia — without full-time employment or health insurance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When she moved to Atlanta in 2020, she had several interviews lined up. Then came the Covid-19 hiring freezes. 
Instead of crawling back to what she knew —her old job, Kansas City, public health departments — Jamie chose to embrace the blank canvas in front of her and founded her own company, Organizational Empowerment (OE for short). As the President and CEO of her company, Jamie draws on her years of experience in public health and program management to empower clients working in social services and public health — two fields on the frontlines of Covid-19. On this episode of Live and Earn, Jamie explains why the first thing she did was invest her savings in marketing and branding. She also discusses how she established connections in the local entrepreneur community and shares how challenges in her personal life helped her cultivate the resilience any first-time business owner needs.


  • The challenges of establishing a new business and finding clients in a new state 
  • Combining households and finances with a partner during a period of financial uncertainty
  • Why it’s critical to your first year of success to be intentional about who you connect with
  • The greatest challenge entrepreneurs face in the first year of business 
  • Balancing personal and professional growth with meeting obligations to clients
  • Identifying and establishing boundaries between work and life as a business owner 
  • How building resilience enables you to take risks as a business owner

Connect with Jamie:

Website: https://orgempower.com/

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Helen Ngo, CFP® is a financial empowerment coach dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs own their worth, flip their money scripts, and smash every ceiling on their way up. The Self-Made CEO®, founder, featured speaker, and host of the Live & Earn podcast has unlocked the key to financial freedom that most people get wrong.

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