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Ep 50: How to Set Goals to Achieve Success

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You don’t always have to wait for the whole dream. You can break it down into parts that can happen now.

— Johanna White

Whether you track your goals with a spreadsheet, write your intentions in a journal, or keep your dreams close to the chest, charting out a path to your future achievements shouldn’t be that complicated. And it certainly shouldn’t be scary, but for so many of us, it can be. 

If you don’t set goals or speak your dreams into existence, then you’ll never fall short of them, right? Wrong. 

As entrepreneur and former goal-phobic Johanna White explains on this episode of Live and Earn, striving for a target you set for yourself is the only way you’ll get closer to what you really want and deserve. 

She once believed goals were pointless — maybe even something that simply set her up for failure — but over the years, she’s figured out that achieving becomes a lot more manageable when you establish a series of smaller goals that get you that much closer to big success. 

Johanna also shares her “stretch” goal of the moment and why she only opens up about her goals to the people in her life who genuinely support her.


  • Different styles for setting goals and achieving 
  • The pressure to choose what you want to be when you grow up 
  • How accomplishing goals without passion can lead to boredom and dissatisfaction 
  • Goal setting for self-described dreamers 
  • Mental exercises for identifying goals
  • How achieving financial goals create opportunity for achieving personal goals
  • Why you should think big and have big goals

Connect with Johanna:

Website:  https://www.designbyjostudio.com/

Instagram: @designbyjostudio

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