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Ep 51: Why People Stay in Jobs They Hate

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Corporate does a really good job of making you feel like what you’re doing isn’t important.

— Taylor Epley

For years, Taylor Epley helped friends, family, and pretty much anyone who asked with résumés and cover letters, until a peer challenged her to find her first client, charge for those same services she’d previously done for free, and get serious about starting her own business: The Career Curator. 

Now, as a career coach, Taylor specializes in helping people figure out where they want to be, and how to get there. In her words, she helps people see themselves the way she sees them. In this episode, Taylor explains what career coaching is and gives some insights into the reasons why so many people stay in jobs that don’t satisfy them. Taylor also shares a creative strategy to overcome imposter syndrome around salary negotiations. 

Here’s Taylor.


  • What it’s like to work with a career coach and when to hire one for yourself
  • How to find the value in the work you do, even if it may not feel important 
  • What to expect when you first meet with a career coach 
  • How to become confident in your career development
  • The variables to assess when identifying a job that will work best for you 
  • The mindset shifts needed to confidently negotiate your salary
  • What else to negotiate for besides your salary 
  • How to quantify your accomplishments 
  • Why people who are in an “OK” situation at work tend to be less happy
  • Signs you need to pay attention to when it’s time to come up with an exit strategy 
  • Why the current economy might present the best opportunity to leave your 9-5 and go after your dream job

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