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Ep 52: How I Live and Earn

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There’s no such thing as being bad with money. You just have bad habits.”

— Helen Ngo

When I turned 18 and went off to college, I thought I was going to be a dentist. Despite growing up in a family of female entrepreneurs, and later realizing a career in medicine wasn’t for me, I never dreamed of starting my own company. 

The “aha” moment didn’t come until a few years after college, early in my career in the finance industry. When I asked my boss for a raise, he told me I’d be better off marrying rich. 

That was the last time I would ever be shamed for being an ambitious woman. 

My fire was lit. So, I fired that 9-5 corporate life for good. Never will I let someone control how much money I make.

On this episode of Live and Earn, I take a turn as the guest with my friend and client Ashley Williams, host of the Birds Mean Business podcast. Ashley and I discuss how my identity and upbringing influenced the drive I bring to my business every day. I also share the one thing I wish I had done before becoming an entrepreneur, and some of the top tips I share with my clients. 


  • Why I decided to become an entrepreneur — and help other women specifically 
  • How becoming a business owner myself transformed my relationship with my mother and my respect for her own journey as an entrepreneur before me 
  • Why there’s no such thing as ‘being bad with money’
  • How people who earn $6,000 and people who earn $60,000 can actually be making the same amount of money 
  • The importance of spending with intention 
  • Where your personal life should be before you start a business
  • The types of people entrepreneurs should surround themselves with
  • Why not everyone should be an entrepreneur

Tune into the original recording on Ashley William’s podcast:

Bird Means Business Ep 27: Money Talk


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Helen Ngo, CFP® is a financial empowerment coach dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs own their worth, flip their money scripts, and smash every ceiling on their way up. The Self-Made CEO®, founder, featured speaker, and host of the Live & Earn podcast has unlocked the key to financial freedom that most people get wrong.

Use this simple, uncomplicated planner I created to help you stay on top of your money and create predictability in your business.