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The Live & Earn podcast brings new stories each week with women across the financial spectrum – entrepreneurs, single moms, divorced women, executives and multi-millionaires. Hear their bold stories on how they live. How they earn. And what it means to make it in life. 

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In case we haven't met yet...

Hi, I'm Helen Ngo.

I believe that money is powerful: the more of it you have, the more opportunities you can create for yourself. From being able to afford more comfortable vacations to creating jobs for others, I have personally experienced the power of earning more. 

The bottomline: the more money I make, the fewer tradeoffs I have to face. Because there’s always excess. And I want women to possess this financial power and take control of it for themselves—and I’m on a mission to empower them to do so.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a background in mathematics and economics, I’m the finance expert you want on your team. I show women how to build wealth and earn what they want so they can go from avoiding their numbers and settling for doing “just okay” to making “hell, yeah!” money.